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Nick Jackson(non-registered)
Hello, again, Shirley. I have just been reading your diary for April and I am struck, as usual, by the similarities between our weather in Norwich and yours in Holland. I suppose we are only a few miles apart. But still, I am surprised that we seem to get the same weather fronts. It's cool and showery here. Things are slow to get off the ground in the garden. My main interest, at the moment, is my pond which though small has a huge tadpole population which is being predated by spawning smooth newts. I've seen both adults and yearling newts taking one or two at a time. It's love and war in there at the moment!
My Wildlife Friendly Garden
Hi again, I take it you are talking about the moth images – it did take a lot of practice to be honest. It’s not always easy in the dark or fading day light to take the piccies, but using a head lamp to search the plants and turning the flash brightness down on the camera, and for white and very pale moths all the way down or the moths are flashed out. Some moths are willing to sit and feed and let me take lots of photos so I can be sure I have something – other moths one flash and they are gone so it’s a case of hoping I got something useable.
I tend to go outside about 20-30 mins before dark, some moths start to arrive then, and stay for usually about an hour after dark never more than 90mins, this time of year it doesn’t even get dark in Holland until 11pm.

Thanks for your nice comments and continued interest in my blog!

Nick Jackson(non-registered)
I'm dead impressed with the quality of your photos. Also, I'm wondering how long you must be out to get such pictures. Do you sit up half the night? :-)
Gijs Hensen(non-registered)
Hello Shirley,

I enjoyed looking at your photo's, no matter what discipline.
The photo's of England gave me really another view about this country. Beautifull.
And I think it's very inspiring for others to see what you can do with a small garden.
Very inventive.


Gijs Hensen

P.S. I hope my English is not to bad.
Nick Jackson(non-registered)
I have had such fun looking at your amazing web-site. I am inspired to be even more wildlife friendly in my own patch. I'm envious of the number of different species you have visiting your garden, especially the hawk moths. Your photographs are lovely. Thanks so much
sophia conover
love ur photos! doing a great job of inspiring me to keep adding to our urban yard. i hope to be able to be so knowledgable with the critters and plants as the days go by...
Gareth Morgan
Hi Shirley
Love your website and I'm thinking of starting one using the same platform.
All the best
Tom & beryl Brewer
Hi Shirley,
We were just clearing out a couple of draws and found your Christmas card, with your website address.
love the photos, especialy the close ups of the insects.
How long have you been doing this for, its a great hobby, photography.

I often see Andrew and the girls on the Facebook, are you on it too ?

Tom & Beryl.
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